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Tablets like the iPad are becoming more and more commonly used in different business situations, with iPads now seen in restaurants as hi tech interactive menus, on the street as means of carrying out market research surveys, and in car dealerships, allowing you to browse the potential options for your new car, among countless other places. One company who is also trying to leverage the advantages of these popular devices in their approach to working with customers is Jersey City based marketing company Lux Life. Lux Life use iPads to sign up new customers, and believe this approach not only helps to streamline their admin, but also makes customers feel more engaged with the process.

‘In the past, companies like ours would use order books and the whole thing would require a lot of admin, entering customer details onto internal databases, keeping those records up to date and so on.’ Managing Director Sonali Nandwani explained. ‘With the iPads, we can get all the information we need into our systems there and then, and in a way that is fast and efficient. Customers appreciate that – it shows that we care about getting the job done and using our time to focus on developing the right marketing solutions for them, not wasting it on overly convoluted internal processes.’

Streamlining their internal processes is not the only benefit Lux Life have seen since they began using the iPads in this way, though.

‘Being able to sign people up quickly and easily on the spot is a good way to close a deal. It takes care of it quickly and can be a good aid in making the sale. But we do also see benefits in the way customers perceive us when we use the iPads. In general, they seem to find the approach novel and innovative, which of course is exactly the kind of image we want to project given we specialize in helping them represent and market their own brands in the right way. They also tend to find the process quite engaging, because let’s be honest, playing with an iPad is always going to be more fun than filling out paperwork.’

With tablets and bespoke internal apps becoming more and more widely used by businesses, the companies like Lux Life who are early adopters and find the most effective ways of using this kind of technology are seeing some real competitive advantages.