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In the marketing industry, when a business is doing something well, you can usually see it in their sales results. One company that is riding high on the success of their internal infrastructure and outward sales strategies is Jersey City based Lux Life, who have been seeing sales increase at a rapid rate of late, with each week surpassing the previous one in terms of business written.

Managing Director at Lux Life, Sonali Nandwani discussed some of the reasons her business is seeing so much success at the moment:

‘We feel that at this point in time we have perfected our internal systems and processes so everyone within the company is doing what they do best, rather than messing around with inefficient admin. We have the right support internally to focus on working for and with our clients, which allows us to come out with the very best solutions for them. In addition to this, we think we have a good marketing mix of our own – it is one thing to say we specialize in helping clients get marketing and brand building right, but if we can’t do this for our own business then that means nothing. We have a strong marketing and sales strategy which is proving itself every week, and this in itself demonstrates to our clients that we know what we are doing.’

With Lux Life getting impressive results from their own sales approach and also seeing record results for the clients they work with, they are now beginning to think about how to use this success to power forward towards even bigger objectives within the industry.

‘With the kind of measurable, stable success we are now seeing, it seems natural to begin considering expansion. We currently have a very targeted focus in terms of the industries we work with in the Jersey City market, and so we are now thinking about widening our own net to begin working with clients in other interesting sectors. Brand building and marketing are something any commercial enterprise is concerned with, and something we are really proving ourselves to be very adept at. We believe that by expanding Lux Life into new markets, we can not only see our own success grow exponentially but also help a lot more businesses meet their goals.’

This is clearly a very exciting time for one of Jersey City’s rising stars, and Lux Life are looking forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead.