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Why is it essential to have a strong mentality? There’s immense importance being placed upon the notion of ‘how you think will get you results.’ “When we face challenges, we come with retreating situations. We try to back out so that we don’t face any discomfort. However, discomfort and challenges are the biggest tools to help you on your way to achieving mental toughness,” mentions Sonali Nandwani, Managing Director of Lux Life. At Lux Life, we believe this is the where the problem lays. Harsh situations should never overwhelm an individual to a point where they give up their goals and take a step back. On the contrary, this should have the opposite effect. Workers, as individuals, should want to move forward because these difficulties are making it impossible for them to reach their goals.

“Luckily, there is a way to tackle and take on any difficulty and problem that arises. There are various skills that develop one’s mindset, and you can learn the skill of mental toughness,” mentions Sonali Nandwani of Lux Life. You must decide what you will let into your mind and what you want. There’s a unique quote by Gautama Buddha; he said, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” This is, in fact true. When you develop your mind only to allow positive instances, you won’t let the bad ones in. If you’re prone to thinking the worst, the worst will inevitably happen because you’ve trained your mind to believe that. But if even for a moment you let yourself believe great things will happen you will automatically develop a desire to reach that goal and accomplish it.

Another incredible skill to attain a strong mentality and toughness is by building momentum and consistency. Start with smaller victories. Perhaps you said you would go a day without drinking soda, then accomplish it. By challenging yourself with smaller goals than working on the bigger ones, this builds momentum and mental endurance. “This type of skill set definitely helped me. I focused on smaller things, and then I worked on achieving the bigger ones, I find this technique very useful for building mind momentum,” mentions Sonali Nandwani of Lux Life. This will then let you handle any adversity plan your way, step by step and making it easier to achieve your desired success. It’s important to note that something as simple as “mindset” can be quite challenging to achieve. It takes a lot of time and practice to attain mental toughness, but once you get it down, you’re essentially building a lifestyle for yourself.